Finding Your Face

Now that I have added facial recognition to the catfish catching program, I think it exists far outside of the realm of simple defense. The program, even in its current spaghetti code state, can be easily weaponized.

The Code

I ended up going with a really simple face recognition python library called FaceRecognition. The library allows me to pass two photos, and get back a simple score for facial difference. The lower the number, the closer the face match. Here’s an example from the Face_Recognition Github page.

All I really had to do was do some work downloading the remote tinder images, and making sure they were in the correct RGB format for face recognition to use.

And then all I had to do was implement the method that does the comparison. The best thing about this implementation, is that my program already expected a value from this function (remember all face scores were 0.3), so what I did was add the method call, and have a bottom threshold for face difference that determines if it is a match or not.

The… Experiment

So now the question stands. Does my bot work? Yours truly is going to pick a target, and initiate the bot. Come back and see if I’ve made progress.